Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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BY.NOON creates high end cushions and cards with refreshing and vibrant patterns, all originally designed in our studio.

BY.NOON is a Belgian brand. The designer behind the brand is Joke Martin. She graduated as a textile designer. But during, as well as after her studies she enthusiastically kept painting on canvas, specifically themes and subjects inspired by Nature.

This fascination with flowers and greenery led to an additional training as a florist.

In 2016 Joke started her own textile label, together with her husband Steven De Boeck.

They called it BY.NOON.

BY.NOON proved to be the perfect match between Joke’s passion for painting and Steven’s zeal for entrepreneurship.

In their home workshop they have been creating several unique collections of  quality textile products and paperwares. Originally many of these creations were handpainted. Since then, By. Noon has successfully been combining traditional craftsmanship with the most uptodate digital media. The result of these mixed techniques are strikingly contemporary designs with a definite touch of Fine Arts.

Animated by their love of lush gardens and fine verdant parklands, Joke and Steven make yearly trips to the UK with their 3 children. To wander about the English landscape, to discover great new  gardens, and to get inspired for their next designs and collections.

Joke’s approach to painting is very much in line of the Baroque Masters’ technique. She tries to capture the soul of the flower with her brush strokes, often against a darker backdrop. As the florist she has always remained, she combines a large choice of flowers into one bright and striking composition.

It is BY.NOON’s ambition -and indeed mission- to create things with a lasting value, things that grab people’s attention, things that are inspiring to look at.

Or like one of our client once said: “A cushion of ‘BY.NOON’s is like a painting in your sofa”. Beauty which adds color and excitement to your daily life.