Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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When creating the Blue Room cushion collection, I was much inspired by the China blue, fine porcelain collections on display in the stately rooms of some of England’s greatest manor houses.

Not only the ceramic collections, but also the stunning English gardens struck me with their wealth of colours and forms, artfully arranged solely for the pleasure of the beholder. 

I was especially moved by the stormy harmony of explosive reds and bright pinks, Magnolias and Peonies that seemed to be locked in a never ending beauty contest.

These colour combinations found their way onto my canvas in exuberant, bursting, Baroque bouquets, loosely painted against a backdrop of deep Delft Blue patterns

The Blue room,  a new collection of artfully handcrafted cushions and wall hangers.


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This is how the old Dutch masters might have imagined it.

A perfect match between untamed nature and elegant, poetic chique.

Floating on mysterious dark backgrounds, a swirling composition of striking exotic feathers and lush, baroque petals and verdure. 

The very essence of Nature:  birds, flowers, leaves. 

In a myriad colours. Ever so subtly shone upon by soft glowing moonlight.


Frida,  a new collection of artfully handcrafted plaids and cushions.

Made for you by the creators of  By Noon.

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Relaxing on the bank of the pond, while lilies serenely dance with the waves and the sunbeams.
Fishes suddenly materialize on the surface, curious yet elusive,
disappearing again in the blink of an eye, into tinted depths known only to their kind.

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Walking in the vibrant shadows of large palm trees and dense age-old foliage.
Feeling embraced by the sumptuous shades of green and deep red, in the heart of the jungle.

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