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A Story

Bring the artistry of the outside inside, with By.Noon’s exquisite textile creations. Our collections are inspired by colourful gardens and wild, green landscapes.

The lush, moody designs of By.Noon’s printed cushions look painterly for a reason: each of these botanical designs is painted by hand.

Bringing a cushion of By.Noon into your home, is putting a painting in your sofa!

We sincerely hope that some of the joy of creating our collections
sparks comfort and warmth during your cosy days at home.


Joke Martin & Steven De Boeck

Make a statement

The cushions of By Noon add a striking artistic touch to your interior.
Sitting in a chair, a couch or a chaise longue the pleasant flowery designs
form a perfect match with the mono colored cushions in the collection.


All our cushions are made in Belgium.
Finished in linen and filled with down feathers, these wildlife-inspired cushions are also wildly comfortable.